About Us

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom Miller and I started my own business, T Miller Repair LLC, about three years ago. My main focus is farm equipment repair, and lawn, garden and outdoor equipment repair. I have over 25 years experience as a mechanic. Ten of those years I spent as a forklift mechanic, where my training included rebuilding engines and transmissions, as well as electrical and hydraulic troubleshooting and repair. I also learned the importance of planned (preventative) maintenance. The last 15 years I’ve spent as a farm mechanic with R & G Miller & Sons Inc, where I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to fix just about anything on a farm that can break. For example, I’ve fixed tractors, skid steers, implements, and 4-wheelers. Also some building maintenance and repair, pumps, motors, barn fans, cattle waterers, silo unloaders, and small electrical and plumbing projects. The list could go on, but you get the idea. I am currently working out of the farm shop at 1706 Hwy. V just east of East Bristol, and I am fully equipped to handle most repairs. I also have a service vehicle set up for on the farm (or in the field) repairs. My rates are reasonable and my work is professional quality. So if you need help getting something fixed on the farm, or if it’s an emergency and you need someone quick, give me a call. I’ll do my best to give you fast, dependable service. My shop phone number is (608) 837-5258 and my cell phone number is (920) 285-0066. Thanks for your time!